Six behaviors that make people detach from us

An interesting article on the spanish journal “El Paìs” writes about some guidelines on how to act with other people to get along with them.

Here is a short version of it: Six behaviors that make people detach from us -How to change attitude not to repeat them


Most of us love to succeed in our personal relationships, however, our attitude is fundamental to this purpose. In fact, there are certain behaviors that, if repeated, can end up detaching people from us.

Which are the most common behaviors?

  1. Take things too much to heart
  2. Being jealous of nature
  3. Needing constant compliments
  4. Not to accept constructive criticism
  5. To constantly act as a victim  and always think about the worst scenario
  6. To be too sincere, even when nobody has asked your opinion




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If you want to read the complete article in its original version in spanish click here.

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